A real culinary experience
A real culinary experience
A real culinary experience
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Home cooking and catering service

Product quality, flexibility and enthusiasm are three values that our private chef service and catering defended since its creation. You will discover through our website the different formulas, but our imagination is limitless in order to satisfy every of your desires.

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Qcook offers a wide selection of appetizing appetizers, starters, main courses and desserts to discover directly to your home or to animate gustatorily cocktails and banquets!

We take to heart to manage your professional and personalized event, whether for a catering event wedding, a communion catering event, birthday or for a delicious meal of home-cook.

If you can not find your happiness and you want something that does not fit in our proposal, please contact us, we will make you a customized formula.

Walking Dinner

A cocktail party (also called "walking dinner") is the ideal solution for an event with many guests and a limited role. Indeed, it will not be necessary to set up tables, chairs and other items requiring a certain space. This allows you, also, to make your event at a better budget. This may be appropriate both for weddings, banquets, corporate events or large receptions. We offer a...

Our appetizer menu

Chef at home

No more constraints such as cooking and service when you receive friends at home, the "chef" allows you to enjoy home cooking to make your event a success. Our formula allows you to enjoy your meal during a communion, a birthday, an engagement dinner or any other occasion. From 10 to 50 guests or more, our team of cooks and waiters come to you to take things in hand. Part of the...

Our home dishes

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If you have a comment, a desire to modulate an item to change a formula or a need that is not present in the menu above, please let us know and we will make you a customized proposal.

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